I made a video

During the last Inman Connect conference I was offered a 60-second video from TurnHere Video as a promotion for their video production service.  I decided to do a clip on what brought me and my family to Reno.

TurnHere shot the piece in Somersett and then incorporated some other shots from around the area.

For those readers who have not met me in person, I thought I’d post the video here so that you can get to know me a little better.


About Guy Johnson

I am a licensed Nevada REALTOR® living and working in Reno, Nevada. Give me a call at 775-722-4011. My team and I will be happy to assist you with your real estate needs.
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7 Responses to I made a video

  1. Avatar inthebusiness says:

    Great Video. Those are some of the same reasons I love Reno too.

  2. Avatar CommercialLender says:

    I’ll answer your email here on the blog for all. I thought the video explained why you moved to Reno, and for your personal reasons. You never once badgered viewers into your opinions. I never heard you say “it’s always a great time to buy!” nor did I hear you say “buy now or be priced out forever!”. So, I liked your video and your style as it shows who you are in a genuine way.

    I think that’s why your RRB has so many loyal followers: you each are professionals but endlessly don’t spew tired, trite sales pitches that cause us to distrust your comments. We can relate to you.

  3. Avatar Guy Johnson says:

    Thank you, inthebusiness and CommercialLender.

  4. Avatar bob c says:

    unr should be mentioned

  5. Avatar Andy says:

    Great video – Reno is a great place to live regardless of the price of houses. The great things about the area have very little to do with the price of homes…. or available jobs…

  6. Avatar Azimuth T. Sshwitters says:


    I thought they stopped making videos that positive during the Clinton administration. Reno needs more builders like you. Have you thought about running for city council?

  7. Avatar Move to Reno says:

    Great video, Guy. Liked all that sunshine.

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