Nevada property tax rate below nation’s median

The nonprofit Tax Foundation’s Data Analysis Division utilized updated data from the 2009 American Community Survey to rank property taxes paid across the 50 states.

The full report (released September 28, 2010) shows median property tax amounts and percentages paid by county and state, and can be found here: New Census Data on Property Taxes on Homeowners

Which states have the highest/lowest property taxes?

Top-ten states with the highest property taxes
Rank State Percentage
1 New Jersey 1.89%
2 New Hampshire 1.86%
3 Texas 1.81%
4 Wisconsin 1.76%
5 Nebraska 1.76%
6 Illinois 1.73%
7 Connecticut 1.63%
8 Michigan 1.62%
9 Vermont 1.59%
10 North Dakota 1.42%

Note: Percentage is median real estate taxes as a percentage of median home value.

Top-ten states with the lowest property taxes
Rank State Percentage
1 Louisiana 0.18%
2 Hawaii 0.26%
3 Alabama 0.33%
4 Delaware 0.43%
5 West Virginia 0.49%
6 South Carolina 0.50%
7 Arkansas 0.52%
8 Mississippi 0.52%
9 New Mexico 0.55%
10 Wyoming 0.58%

Note: Percentage is median real estate taxes as a percentage of median home value.

The report shows the median property tax rate for the US as 1.04%.  So how does Nevada fare?  The report shows Nevada’s property taxes at 0.84%, or ranked 24th out of the fifty states.

To access a table showing all fifty states click here: Property Taxes on Owner-Occupied Housing by State, 2004 – 2009

While you’re on their site you may want to use a new property tax lookup tool that allows users select their state and county and compare property tax statistics to other states and counties.  See My Tax Burden



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  1. I like your post about tax filing. I think Electronically state tax filing is the best way for state tax and federal tax filing.

  2. Avatar MikeZ says:

    NV’s low property taxes are not news to anyone who’s owned property outside of Nevada. It’s also worth noting that 9 of the top 10 states also have a state income tax, so their total state tax burden is even higher that the property tax rankings imply.

  3. Avatar john salter says:

    In plain English, what would my property tax burden on a raw undeveloped 5 acre land be, thanks J S

  4. Avatar Richard says:

    What is the property tax rate for Nevada?

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