Washoe County property tax FAQs

Today is the day that Washoe County’s Annual Assessment List is made public and distributed throughout the county.  This list contains the owner of record, parcel number, and most recent assessed value of land and structures for every parcel in Washoe County.  Nevada statute (NRS 361.300) requires that this list be printed and delivered throughout the county annually.  So if you’re wondering why this morning’s RGJ weighed as much as the Sunday edition, now you know.

So, I figured now would be as good as time as any to post some of the frequently asked questions regarding Washoe County’s parcel assessment process.  I get asked many of these questions often; for example, “How often is my property reappraised?”  The answer is Annually.

The following FAQs and answers are taken directly from the Washoe County Assessor’s site.  You may find these and many more here.

What Is The Function Of The Assessor`s Office?
The role of the Assessor`s Office is to estimate property values. We do not collect taxes. But, by law, we must discover all taxable property in the County and appraise its value, then calculate 35% of that appraised value to determine its assessed value.

If your opinion of the value of your property differs from the Assessor`s, please contact our office and discuss the matter. We will be glad to answer your questions about the appraisal and explain how to appeal if we cannot come to an agreement.

How Often Can Your Assessed Value Change?
Annually. Each year, all properties will either be reappraised or their previous assessed value will be factored using factors established or approved by the Nevada Tax Commission

Who Sets The Tax Rate?
Your tax rate is established in the spring of each year by the Nevada Tax Commission from budgets submitted by local governmental entities such as City of Reno, City of Sparks, Washoe County, Fire Protection Districts, School District and others. Services provided by those governmental bodies are a result of these budgets, and questions about governmental services should be directed to those agencies.

What Is The Taxable Value Of Your Property?
The Taxable Value of your land is the Assessor`s estimate of its full cash value, taking into account its location, zoning, actual use, etc. The Taxable Value of your buildings is their estimated replacement cost less depreciation. Your taxes will be based on your total assessed value, which is 35% of your total appraised value. For value information on your property assessment data please click here to access the parcel summary page.

What If You Disagree With Your Assessed Value?
When the tax roll is completed each November, value change notices are sent to all taxpayers. If you have a question, you may call the Assessor`s Office or come in and talk to an appraiser. If we are unable to resolve your concern you may appeal to the County Board of Equalization . If you are still not satisfied, you may appeal to the State Board of Equalization, and, thereafter, through the Court System. Any of theses bodies may adjust your assessed value. Appeals to the County Board of Equalization must be filed at the Assessor`s Office no later than January 15th.

How Are Taxes Collected?
Taxes are collected by the County Treasurer based on tax bills sent out in July, and on some new construction, bills sent out in December of each year. All questions on taxes paid or to be paid should be directed to the Treasurer`s Office at 328-2510.


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9 Responses to Washoe County property tax FAQs

  1. Avatar inthebusiness says:

    I thought you might find it interesting and amazing that the taxable value of custom home lots in ArrowCreek were reduced by 62.8% from last year.
    That tells you where land sales have been over the past year.
    Here’s the history on one such lot:
    Tax year Taxable Value Assessed Value Change
    07/08 $460,000 $161,000
    08/09 $297,000 $103,950 -35.4%
    09/10 $221,532 $77,532 -25.4%
    010/011 $176,526 $61,784 -20.3%
    011/012 $66,499 $23,275 -62.3%

    The assessed value has dropped 85.54% in the last 4 years!
    Consequently the taxes have dropped from over $5,000 to $750 over the same 4 year period. A savings to the owner but is it really worth it? I don’t think so.

  2. Avatar Martin says:

    Oh oh, what does this mean for the value of a lot on the corner of Mayberry and Canyon?

  3. Avatar Donna says:

    Sorry to go off topic, but can anybody recommend a safe and sound local bank? I do not want to do business with BofA or Wells Fargo or any of the “too big to fail” companies. But I do want to know that the local bank I am dealing with is safe and sound.
    Thanks all.

  4. Avatar skeptical says:

    Any bank with FDIC insurance will e covered by the FDIC for up to $250k.

    Good on you to choose a local, community bank. No reason to give the TBTF banks any business at all.

  5. Avatar Guy Johnson says:

    This morning’s RGJ had a front-page story discussing the loss in value of area parcels. See Washoe taxable property values drop $2.9 billion

    The story took a look at the devaluation of empty lots throughout the area for the coming tax year of 2011-2012. The percent change in value for empty lots were shown in a table. From the RGJ’s table…
    Change in Taxable Land Value from 2010-11 tax year to 2011-12 tax year

    • ArrowCreek -65.6%
    • Caughlin Ranch -46.4%
    • Sun Valley -38.8%
    • New Northwest -28.6%
    • Double Diamond -18.9%
    • Sky Vista -18.2%
    • Sparks, Reed High area -15.7%
    • Wingfield Springs -13.5%

    Also, interesting to note from the story, the Washoe County Assessor says that he will be reducing the land value component from 25 percent to 20 percent of a property’s total taxable value

  6. Avatar Guy Johnson says:

    Looks like the taxable value of the ArrowCreek lot you reference is in line with what the RGJ reports.

  7. Avatar Donna says:

    Thanks to those who provided the links on banks. Very helpful.

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