Guy Candy

Guy Johnson is a man of many talents. In addition to being an outstanding real estate professional, our man also knows how to strut his stuff on stage in front of a crowd of hundreds. Yes, that’s right… Guy took to the catwalk this weekend at the CRS (Certified Residential Specialst) Fashion Show, a Realtor-sponsored charity event to benefit the locally-based For Kids Foundation. This was a sight not to be missed.

Here we see Guy ready to take the stage with an urban-chic, Realtor-on-the-go look, complete with calfskin leather jacket, an iPod Touch and his all-time favorite personal accessory, the murse. (Allegedly there’s some video footage of all this, which I’ll be hunting down for those interested in a little live-action Guy-candy.)

Guy later returned to the stage sporting a Fox Mulder man-about-town look, which included the requisite long wool overcoat, a swank silver suit, and paisley silk tie. Halfway down the runway, he deftly removed the coat with a flourish that even Tyson Beckford would approve of.

Despite our economic climate, it was heartening to see so many individuals and businesses come out to support this fun, annual charity event. I was reminded that we still have much to be grateful for, and we should remember to share with others however we can.


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  1. Avatar cash buyer says:

    nice to see give back during miserable times……….good job guy

  2. Avatar Hellfoevy says:

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