Washoe County’s population growth to remain flat, at best

Nevada’s state demographer projects little, if any, population growth for the next six years.  In fact one of the models used forecasts a flat population or even a population decline for Washoe County through 2019.

See the RGJ article here: Nevada’s population growth streak may be finished


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9 Responses to Washoe County’s population growth to remain flat, at best

  1. Avatar Dirtbagger says:

    The RGJ article failed to address the CA – NV tax differential. Personal income taxes (even in retirement), assessed property taxes, sales tax and user fees are still significantly higher in California than Nevada.

    With a lower cost of overall housing, from a tax perspective, it seems that there is still a favorable bias for a continuing migration of Californians to Nevada.

    From the jobs perspective, it is more difficult to predict the future Nevada Growth:
    Cons – Poor economic diversification, lower educated work force, lack of manufacturing infrastucture.
    Pros – Lower commerical rent costs, abundant labor supply, good logistics infrastructure and location.

    I would predict continual (albeit much slower) growth of the retirement population and am in agreement with the RGJ flat growth of the population seeking economic opportunities in Nevada

  2. Avatar Smarten's Vanishing Equity says:

    With nearly 15% unemployment, Washoe County can count on a population decline for the foreseeable future. People go where the jobs are. Period.

  3. Avatar 3niner says:

    People go where the jobs are. Period.

    Not if they are retired.

  4. Avatar Smarten's Vanishing Equity says:

    Retirees do not an economy make.

  5. Avatar Drive by poster says:

    IOW, Nevada looks to gain a bunch of people who have already educated their kids and don’t want to have to pay to educate anyone else’s. A recipe for success!

  6. Avatar Irv says:

    Vanishing Equity, consider this: Retirees living at Leisure World in Orange County do a pretty good job of economically propping up that part of Seal Beach. These are people who spend money locally, but who aren’t adding the load of more kids onto the schools. They commit crimes at lower rates per thousand persons than do other age-based component groups of society. Their voluntarism participation rates in local social service programs is higher than other age groups.

  7. Avatar Smarten's Vanishing Equity says:

    Irv, consider this:

    Reno ain’t Leisure World.

  8. Avatar Martin says:

    Here we go again with the Retiree thing. Remember when the REIC used to constantly say (circa 2005-2006) that the prices of houses in Reno will never decline because of the well-off retirees cashing out of Califonia real estate and moving here?

    You know where 90% of retired persons live after they retire? Right where they are. Close to children and grandchildren and long time friends. According to the AARP the percentage of retired persons who actually pack up and move to another location is about 1 out of 10.

  9. Avatar Rory says:

    Smarten’s Vanishing Equity, consider this:

    You aren’t funny.

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