Washoe County Insured Recording Statistics – January 2011

The chart below shows the latest Washoe County Insured Recording Statistics – new home sales, resales, and refis.

Brought to us by our friends at Ticor Title.  Click on the chart to enlarge.

January new home sales dropped by more than 47 percent.  However the historical numbers show that such a drop from December to January is not uncommon.

A similar seasonal-related decline can also be seen in January’s number of resales and refis.  However, rising interest rates are probably also contributing factor to the decline in refis.


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5 Responses to Washoe County Insured Recording Statistics – January 2011

  1. Avatar Shahar says:

    So how’s that Obama / Reid combination working out for you Nevadans?

  2. Avatar Dirtbagger says:

    Shahar –

    It is working as brilliantly as the Bush/Frist team. Putz!

  3. Avatar Caldwell says:

    Let us not forget that the man who was in the White House when the economy nearly collapsed and this Great Recession began was George W. Bush.

  4. Avatar Sully says:

    It’s funny that the conversation turns to blaming one wing or the other of the same bird of prey. It’s the system not the wings that needs repair.

  5. Avatar Zen says:

    Exactly what type of system doesn’t have its ups and downs? For the most part, I like this system just fine. There is a whole lot worse. History is littered with most of them.

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