Latest video from The Lebo Group regarding AB284 and inventory

Readers may recall a video I posted last fall from Bryan Lebo of the The Lebo Group, a real estate firm out of Las Vegas. In that October video, Mr. Lebo predicted the adverse effects of, the then newly passed, Assembly Bill 284.

Today, I’d like to share the latest video from The Lebo Group. In it Lebo discusses the current state of the Las Vegas real estate market [trend-wise, identical to the Reno-Sparks market]; the possibility of AB284 being addressed by the legislation this year; the potential for, and ramifications of, judicial foreclosures; and a prediction of 15% increase in home prices this summer.

Check it out below…

The Las Vegas Review-Journal piece Lebo references in the video can be found here: Foreclosure starts continue to fall in Nevada, the West

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10 Responses to Latest video from The Lebo Group regarding AB284 and inventory

  1. Avatar Martin says:

    There is nothing new here. Nothing that has not been said here on the RRB several times before.

  2. Avatar James says:

    Wrong martin. This blog has NEVER discussed the possibility of banks pursuing judicial foreclosure. Pay attention sloppy.

  3. Avatar Rubiconer says:

    Wrong James. Judicial foreclosure has been discussed before. The first time it came up was in Gadfly’s comments to Guy’s thread of October 26, 2011. I believe that RI has also mentioned the ability of banks to pursue judicial foreclosures, and a few others also.
    Seems like Martin is not the sloppy one.

  4. Avatar MikeZ says:

    +15% home prices?!

    I’ll believe it when I see it.

  5. Avatar Sully says:

    Mortgage fraud risk

    The Reno-Sparks area stands at very high risk for mortgage fraud, finds an analysis by Interthinx, a risk-evaluation firm in Agoura Hills, Calif. The company says Nevada carries the highest risk of any state for frauds such as investors who claim falsely that they plan to live in a home or the borrowers who misrepresent their incomes.

    hmmmm, what ever gave ’em that idea? 🙂

  6. Avatar Sam says:

    Gotta love that one Sully. I’d say they are about 8 years too late suggesting there might be borrowers in Reno-Sparks who lie about their plans to live in a house and lie about their income. From 2004-2009, that was called “creative financing”.

  7. Avatar James says:


    Judicial foreclosure was NEVER discussed in relation to it being an alternative solution for the banks as a result of AB284. Thanks though 😉

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