Why are people moving to Nevada?

United Van Lines has just released their 2017 National Movers Study. The report shows the ratio of moves to/from Nevada as 61 percent inbound moves vs. 39 percent outbound moves. This makes Nevada one of the highest ranking states in the U.S. for inbound moves.

From the United Van Lines report:

As a region, the Mountain West continues to increase in popularity with 54 percent of moves being inbound. The West is represented on the high-inbound list by Oregon (65 percent), Idaho (63 percent), Nevada (61 percent) Washington (59 percent), and Colorado (56 percent).

Diving deeper into the United Van Lines data reveals additional insight into the people moving to our state. Using the interactive map above, one can see the demographics (e.g. age and income level) of the people moving to Nevada. For example, 40 percent of the people relocating to Nevada have an income of $150,000 or more. And nearly 64 percent of the people moving to the state are age 55 or older.

But I found the “Reason for Move” to be the most interesting. The people moving to Nevada cited the following reasons for their moves…

Reason for Moving to Nevada
Reason Percentage
Job 36.4%
Retirement 34.0%
Lifestyle 17.2%
Family 16.8%
Health 7.7%

This data corresponds with what I have seen with my own clients who have relocated from out of state. Anecdotally, nearly half of my out-of-state clients are moving to the Reno area to retire.

Personally, I relocated my family to Reno (in 2006) for lifestyle reasons. And we love it here!

Did you relocate to Reno from out of state? If so, what brought you here? Leave a comment below.

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