Gorgeous Lake Tahoe video

Check out this beautiful video from the Tahoe Fund recapping 35 environmental improvement projects around Lake Tahoe.

Narrated by Olympic and World Cup champion, Jonny Moseley, this video features gorgeous cinematography of Lake Tahoe and the surrounding lakes, meadows and mountains of the Sierra Nevada.

Tahoe Fund and the Power of Philanthropy from Tahoe Fund on Vimeo.

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This week’s real estate headlines

Here are a few national real estate-related stories and news pieces that came across my screen this past week…

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Who is moving to Reno, Nevada?

Here is a great infographic from the National Association of Realtors® showing the characteristics of domestic migration to Reno, Nevada.

Lots of interesting numbers here. For example…

  • The median age of recent movers to Reno, NV is 29 years old
  • 32% of recent movers are single males
  • 71% of recent movers are renters; while 29% are homeowners

If you’d like to explore migration flows for other metros, check out this tool below…

These stats are compiled from the American Community Survey (ACS) 2013 – 2017 migration flows.

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This week’s real estate headlines

Here are a few national real estate-related stories and news pieces that came across my screen this week…

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Introducing new property search functionality; and other upgrades

This site has undergone a couple recent changes that I think you’ll appreciate.

This site is now an HTTPS secured site

What the heck is HTTPS? Well, without going into the technical details, just know that this site employs a new level of security. If you would like to read about the technical aspects of HTTPS security, see this article.

This change is behind the scenes and should not impact readers/users of this blog. Even if you have the prior http:// version of the renorealtyblog.com link bookmarked, clicking on that URL will automatically redirect you to https://renorealtyblog.com. Go ahead and try it. 🙂

The only difference that you will notice is that now, instead of your browser displaying “Not Secure – renorealtyblog.com” in the URL field, it now displays a padlock symbol to the left of renorealtyblog.com. Check it out above.

New property search functionality

The previous property search functionality has been replaced with a new updated search capability. This new property search allows you to search for properties by:

  • city
  • neighborhood
  • address
  • school district
  • zip code

…and save your custom searches.

new property search screen

I think you’ll find these new capabilities useful. One thing to note, these new search features currently reside on my personal Keller Williams site. So, at the moment, when you click on “Search for Properties” on this blog, a new window to my KW site will open.

Go ahead and give it a try: Search for Properties

Play around with it and let me know what you think in the comments below.

New Listing Notifications

Lastly, the “New Listing Notifications” that was tied to the prior search functionality of this site will no longer be available. However, I have a new up-to-date tool available to alert you of new listings (matching your desired criteria) hitting the market. I am happy to assist in setting up new listing alerts for you. Just reach out by direct message, email or phone.

My direct line is 775-722-4011 (mobile) and my email is guyjohnson@hotmail.com

As always, thank you for reading and using the blog!

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RSAR Market Reports for Reno, Sparks, and Fernley, Nevada – November 2019

The Reno/Sparks Association of REALTORS® (RSAR) has released November’s Market Reports for Reno, Sparks, and Fernley, Nevada.

The following infographics highlight each market’s housing numbers. Click on the graphics to access the entire reports.

Reno infographic

Sparks infographic

Fernley infographic

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November median sales price and other market metrics

Reno-Sparks home prices remain stable; Units sold drops sharply, Inventory down

Median Sales Price

November’s median sold home price for Reno-Sparks was $400,000 for the month — essentially unchanged from October’s median sales price of $399,995.

Year-over-year, November’s median closed sales price was up 6.0 percent.

November’s median sold price per square foot (PPSF) saw a slight increase for the month. November’s median sold PPSF rose to $216.95/sq.ft. — up 0.1 percent over October’s $216.67/sq.ft.

Year-over-year, November’s median sold PPSF is up 2.5 percent.

Homes Sold

Home sales fell to 447 units sold in November — representing a whopping 20.3 percent decrease from October’s 561 homes sold.

Year-over-year, November’s number of homes sold was down 4.7 percent from the 469 homes sold in November 2018.

Year-to-date home sales for 2019 are up 2.5 percent compared to the same period last year — 5,746 vs. 5,604, respectively.


Currently 956 homes are available for purchase in the Reno-Sparks market. This number is down 12.3 percent from the 1,090 homes available for sale this time last month. Year-over-year, current available inventory is down 22.7 percent.

Pending sales also fell in November. Presently, 683 homes are pending sale in the Reno-Sparks market. That number is down 11.6 percent from the 773 homes pending sale this time last month. As pendings continue to decline, expect unit sales to decline as well as the market enters winter.

Despite its monthly decline, year-over-year, current pending sales are up 7.7 percent over the number of pending sales this time last year.

Days on Market

November’s median days on market (DOM) clocked in at 72 days — a decrease of 4 days from October’s median DOM. Year-over-year, November’s DOM number is up just 1 day over November 2018’s number.

Sales by Type

November sales by type, break out as follows:

  • REO sales: 0.9% – down from October’s 1.1%
  • Short sales: 0% – down from October’s 0.4%
  • Subject to Court Approval sales: 1.6% – up over October’s 0.9%
  • Relocation sales: 0% – down from October’s 0.2%
  • Equity sales: 97.5% – unchanged from October’s 97.5%

Sales by Price

November sales by price band, break out as follows in the table below…

Sales by Price Segment
sales price ($000’s) units sold cumulative % of sales
0 – 99 0 0%
100 – 199 1 0.2%
200 – 299 57 13.0%
300 – 399 164 50.0%
400 – 499 106 73.4%
500 – 599 46 83.7%
600 – 699 27 89.7%
700 – 799 11 92.2%
800 – 899 13 95.1%
900 – 999 5 96.2%
1M+ 17 100%
total 447

November’s median sold price for houses and condos combined was $372,000 — a 1.2 percent decrease from October’s median sold price of $376,500 for combined sales of houses and condos.

The table below contains the past 13 months of data[1]

Past 13 Months of Home Sales Data
Month Year # Sold Median Sold Price Sold Price per Sq Ft Median DOM # of Actives # of Pendings
Nov 2019 447 $400,000 $216.95 72 956 683
Oct 2019 561 $399,995 $216.67 76 1,090 773
Sep 2019 578 $395,000 $218.87 68 1,283 814
Aug 2019 623 $399,000 $213.78 64 1,342 898
Jul 2019 605 $406,000 $217.39 60 1,367 906
Jun 2019 570 $400,000 $219.78 55 1,252 915
May 2019 680 $390,000 $220.27 54 1,163 911
Apr 2019 531 $375,000 $213.73 65 996 923
Mar 2019 458 $369,000 $207.92 78 867 815
Feb 2019 362 $372,150 $208.84 89 888 774
Jan 2019 325 $362,000 $210.44 86 961 655
Dec 2018 385 $365,000 $209.82 77 1,079 541
Nov 2018 469 $377,500 $211.75 71 1,237 634

Thank you for taking the time to read this market report. As always, your comments and questions are welcomed.

1. The medians table above is updated on a monthly basis. The median home price data reported covers the cities of Reno, Nevada and Sparks, Nevada [NNRMLS Area #100]. Residential data includes Site/Stick Built properties only. Data excludes Condo/Townhouse, Manufactured/Modular and Shared Ownership properties. Data courtesy of the Northern Nevada Regional MLS – December 8, 2019. Note: This information is deemed reliable, but not guaranteed.

For historical home sale data dating back to 1998 click here.

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This week’s real estate headlines

Here are a few national real estate-related stories and news pieces that came across my screen this week…

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