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Downtown_reno_108 Noah Rosenblatt, one of our blogger buddies in New York who churns out incredible, high-quality analyses on Urban Digs, told us that he occasionally meets up with his blog readers for beer after work to talk about the market or whatever. Guy and I thought that was a pretty cool idea, so, if any of you want to meet for beer at the Imperial Bar and Lounge on Arlington near First Street, come join us this Thursday, October 11, at 5:00 pm. If not too many people show up, you might actually get a free beer!

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  1. Avatar Phil Hoover says:

    Can you just mail me one? 🙂

  2. Avatar Jeff Turner says:

    Congratulations on the Sellsius nod! And this is just a great idea. Period.

  3. Avatar Marion says:

    I’d join you in a minute but can’t this Thursday. Please plan another one inthe future. I really enjoy your blog.

  4. Avatar Lindie says:

    I know that beer is a substantial topic, but if I may change the subject for a moment. Do I observe that there has been a price reduction of $660,000 on the Caughlin Ranch house? Has there been a reduction in gpm of kool-aid flowing from the well?

    Did all the bubblesitters just save $660,000? If we all wait another 300 days, might there be another $660,000 reduction? (That ain’t bad; it’s $2,200 a day).

    And if this historical treasure is not immune to market conditions, can a price cut be far off for the $800,000 barn?

  5. Avatar GuyJohnson says:

    I just placed a link to the Imperial Bar and Lounge on Diane’s post. Seriously, everyone come on out and meet us and say “hi”. We’ll be the ones wearing t-shirts.
    [Lindie, you’ll be able to ask Diane in person about the $800K barn.]
    Even if you don’t want to talk to us, come on out anyway; the Imperial is a cool place.

  6. Avatar Diane Cohn says:

    Lindie, we missed you! It’s been days…

    And, forgive me if this seems forward, but do you have nothing better to do than watch all my overpriced listings on the internet and look for opportunities to poke at them/me/whomever whenever the mood strikes?

    What motivates you? What drives you to participate here?

    Little do many of you know, but Guy and I are developing dossiers on everyone who comments on this blog… like amateur FBI profilers we try to figure out who you are and what motivates you. Lindie, you are a real mystery (so join us for beer, I promise I’ll buy you one.)

    As for the ranch (and the barn) we shall see….

    Phil, we’ll get right on that mailing you some beer thing. I mean, really, Boise beer can’t possibly compare to Reno beer, yes?

  7. Avatar Gena Riede says:

    Congratulations on being one of the top 12 Women Bloggers on Sellsius today.

    Keep up the good work.

  8. Avatar Lindie says:

    Hey Diane…

    I must say that I do enjoy keeping track of all your overpriced listings. At least you are honest that they are overpriced. Which then begs the question (and forgive ME if this seems forward): why do you take overpriced listings, which you readily admit are overpriced, when you regularly post here that only the most competitively priced properties have any chance of attracting a buyer?

  9. Avatar BanteringBear says:

    Diane posted:

    “Little do many of you know, but Guy and I are developing dossiers on everyone who comments on this blog… like amateur FBI profilers we try to figure out who you are and what motivates you.”

    Hmmm….a very, very interesting development indeed! And what might you have figured out about the enigmatic BanteringBear, hmmmm?? Perhaps nothing, as he is roundly ignored by you? Shall he adjust his signal to noise ratio?

  10. Avatar smarten says:

    I was going to try and make the party until I read the following: “Guy and I are developing dossiers on everyone who comments on this blog.” Can you please assure us you aren’t?

  11. Avatar GuyJohnson says:

    smarten, BanteringBear, et al,
    I’m sure Diane is kidding about the dossiers. I, for one, have no recollection of that, Senator.
    Hope to see you Thursday.

    Btw, if you all would prefer, we can use our screen names at the meet-up. Mine is Guy Johnson. 🙂

  12. Avatar Ann O. says:

    Ahem. Since you are compiling information for my dossier, you might want to check out my new blog.

  13. Avatar Ann O. says:

    Correction: my blog link is Duh. Great first impression, huh?

  14. Avatar Guy Johnson says:

    I just spoke with Oona (pronounced “Una”) at the Imperial and learned that they have free WiFi. Bring your laptops. 😉

  15. Avatar Ryan Jerz says:

    Who’s going to liveblog the meetup?

  16. Put me on the mailing list with Phil.

    This is a great idea. We do a “Suds with Sellsius” for those coming to NYC.

    There is a NY blogger who does Coffee Meet ups. But they can’t be as much fun.

  17. Avatar MikeZ says:

    Hey, Dee-rick, will you be there?

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