Guy is a Certified Negotiation Expert (CNE®)

The purchase or sale of a home can be a very emotional experience! Multiple parties, conflicting interests, and a myriad of issues can make a simple negotiation very complex. In choosing your real estate professional there is one factor above all others you should consider: how well can your real estate professional negotiate on your behalf?

An agent who carries the CNE® (Certified Negotiation Expert) designation has been trained in professional negotiation skills by Negotiation Expertise, LLC, the leading negotiation training and coaching company for real estate professionals in North America. A CNE® professional knows how to use leading edge negotiation practices and techniques for your benefit. You can be confident your CNE® professional will achieve the very best results for you. Guy Johnson is a CNE® professional.

To learn more about the CNE® designation click here: Certified Negotiation Expert

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