FCT’s Market Condition Report – November 2010

Our friends at First Centennial Title Company of Nevada have released their Market Condition Report for November.

From the report: “The market is generally holding in the current range with little change from the previous month. The single significant difference is the weakness displayed by prices. Both SFR and Condo price schedules continue to weaken. Prices are erratic from month to month and seem to gyrate in a narrow range (see History of Median Sale Price Graph). Lately, however, there is more of a tendency to decline than rise.”

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3 Responses to FCT’s Market Condition Report – November 2010

  1. Avatar skeptical says:

    Look at the collapse in asking prices for homes in the 75th% since August of 2009. It’s over a 50% drop.


  2. Avatar bob_c says:

    as you know, asking and selling price are 2 different items.
    but it does show that the denial is leaving the upper end more quickly.
    home better come to market near the comps or it will end up in destitude.
    and those nearest comps are reflected in the median sales price.
    i still see idiots bring there house to market with 0% chance of a sale, due
    to insane asking price, but that is being chipped away.
    500K = mansion
    400k = upper upper executive
    300k = one helleva nice home in prime areas
    200k = lots of nice property to choose from

  3. Avatar Sully says:

    NV once again top of the wrong list:


    Not sure if there are anymore lists, hope not. 🙂

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