The future of Reno Nevada as a regional tech hub

startup row Reno NevadaHere’s a nice piece from emerging technologies blog Gigaom on Reno’s “tech Makeover”: The changing face of Reno: Why the ‘world’s biggest little city’ is attracting Apple & Tesla

Location, low cost of doing business, less bureaucracy, clean energy, and state incentives are all cited as elements of attraction for tech firms eyeing a relocation to or start-up in Reno, Nevada.

From the Gigaom story…

With Tesla, and a developing ecosystem around it, the population could grow to over 500,000 “sooner rather than later.” In five years Kazierski sees Reno with a vibrant downtown, a college town feel and a high tech hub.
But don’t expect it to look like the Bay Area or Silicon Valley. The tech people who end up in Reno are more “Burning Man”…

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