Nevada real estate licensees continue to increase

The number of people obtaining their Nevada real estate license has been climbing steadily since the spring of 2014. [See Nevada real estate licensees on the rise]

After the collapse of the housing bubble the number of licensed real estate professionals across the state began to drop precipitously as the number of home sales dwindled and many real estate agent left the profession.

To lend some perspective, in April 2007, Nevada had 36,609 total (active and inactive) licensed real estate agents and brokers. Those numbers declined over the subsequent several years, as individuals chose to leave the business permanently, hitting a low total of 23,421 in November 2013. This difference represented a decrease of 13,188 licensees over a 79-month time span — or roughly 167 licensees per month, on average, statewide.

By the spring of 2014, however, the trend had reversed and the number of licensees began to climb. Today the statewide total is 25,868 — an increase of 2,447 licensees (10.4 percent) over the past three years.

Washoe County has seen an even greater significant increase in the number of its licensees. After hitting a low of 2,998 in November 2013 the county’s total number of licensees began to rise and currently sits at 3,470 — an increase of 472 total licensees, or 15.7 percent since bottoming.

The table below gives a county by county breakout of the current licensees (both active and inactive) across the state.

Source: Nevada Real Estate Division

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