Nevada again ranked as a top “inbound” state

United Van Lines has released the results of its 2018 National Movers Study, which reports the ratio of inbound vs. outbound moves for every state in the country, as well as demographic data (age, income, reason for moving) of those moving.

Not surprisingly, Nevada again ranked as a top “inbound” state. [See my recent post on migration patterns to and from Nevada]

According to the United Van Lines 2018 study, the top Inbound states were…

Data courtesy of United Van Lines Movers Study © 2019

Who is moving to Nevada?

The tables below show various demographic data for those moving to/from Nevada.

Data courtesy of United Van Lines Movers Study © 2019

Moving to Nevada for work was the primary reason people moved to the state — with 46 percent of those surveyed citing Job. Retirement, at 29 percent, was the 2nd most given reason.

Job and Retirement were the top two reasons given in the 2017 Movers Study, as well — coming in at 36 percent and 34 percent, respectively. [See last year’s Why are people moving to Nevada]

The age range with the greatest percentage of inbound movers was 55 – 64-years-old — responsible for more than 30 percent of those surveyed. 65-years-old and older was 2nd with 26 percent.

Regarding the Income demographic, 40 percent of those moving to Nevada reported incomes of $150,000, or more. Those high income levels are likely what is fueling the growth of our market’s luxury home segment [See Reno-Sparks luxury home prices skyrocket in 2018]

If you’d like to see the inbound and outbound demographics for other states (as well as other years), check out this cool interactive map provided by United Van Lines…

Have you recently moved to Nevada? If so, Welcome! What was your primary reason for moving here? I would love to see your comments below.


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