Multiple Listing Service Benefited Sellers, Study Finds

Northern Nevada Regional MLS Releases Independent Sales Price Impact Study Showing Homes Listed on NNRMLS Commanded Premium Sales Price

Reno, Nev. – The Northern Nevada Regional Multiple Listing Service (NNRMLS) teamed up with data analytics firm, Naniik, to conduct a Sales Price Impact Study showing the Power of the MLS. The study found a benefit for sellers who listed their properties with a REALTOR® on NNRMLS. On average, a listing on the multiple listing service yielded a 17% premium in sales price over similar properties sold off-MLS independent of other variables. For a typical home, this resulted in a $55,250 increase in sales price.

“This independent study reveals that properties listed on NNRMLS with the assistance of a REALTOR® received more than comparable off-MLS listings,” said NNRMLS CEO George Pickard. “These findings emphasize the value multiple listing service marketplaces deliver to sellers, and I commend our REALTOR® members for leveraging the power of the MLS to serve their clients.”

The study analyzed transaction data from six Northern Nevada counties over a 7.5-year period from 2015-2022, controlling for property and neighborhood characteristics. Key variables impacting sales price included the year sold, square footage, lot size, median income of the zip code, and whether the property was listed on the NNRMLS.

“Months of data acquisition, cleanup, and analysis were performed to ensure a comprehensive and accurate dataset,” said Naniik President Matt Edgington. “We are pleased to find a statistically significant impact of the study variable while controlling for other factors.”

Four key highlights emerged from the study:

1. Higher sold price: On average, the sold price for a home listed on the NNRMLS was 17% higher than that of comparable properties sold off-MLS, resulting in a $55,250 increase in sales price for a typical home.
2. Consistency: The study showed a consistent benefit of a listing on the NNRMLS over the course of the 7.5-year period.
3. 86% of homes sold were listed on the NNRMLS: During the study period, 86% of all properties sold in the six Northern Nevada counties were listed with a REALTOR® on the NNRMLS.
4. Living area affects home prices: For every additional 500 square feet of living area, home prices increased by 20%, independent of other variables.

Read The Full Study
Find out more about unlocking the Power of the MLS. Our Sales Price Impact Study shows that, on average, homes listed on the Northern Nevada Multiple Listing Service sold at higher prices than comparable homes sold off the MLS during the study period.

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About Northern Nevada Regional Multiple Listing Service (NNRMLS)
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Disclaimer: It is important to note that while the findings discussed herein are compelling, they should not be viewed as a guarantee of similar results in the future.


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