From Golden State to Silver State: Nevada’s Influx of Californians

Photo by Dino Reichmuth on Unsplash

Curious from where all the new Nevada residents are migrating?

The Las Vegas Review-Journal recently published a piece answering that question. Check it out here: Where are the majority of new Nevada residents moving from?

From the Las Vegas Review-Journal piece:

People moving to Nevada is at a three-year high, above a recent high water mark of 2020, when the move-in rate was 1.25. Las Vegas and Reno are also two of the top destinations for San Francisco residents who have chosen to leave their city, the study said.


  • Nevada is a top destination for in-bound migration in the US, with around 30% of new residents coming from California.
  • Nevada ranks 13th among states as a destination for Americans relocating from their home state, based on 2022 US Census Bureau data and migration models.
  • The net migration rate for Nevada is 1.34, indicating that for every 100 residents leaving the state, 134 are moving in. Las Vegas has an even higher rate of 1.48.
  • The majority of new residents moving to Nevada are from California.
  • Las Vegas and Reno are ranked second and third, respectively, among the top destinations of choice in 2022, with Austin, Texas, leading the list. Miami and Orlando, Florida, complete the top five destinations.

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