Blogger Meet-Up Held

Blog_6513aThe blogger meet up was a small but enjoyable affair.  Diane and I were pleased to meet Ryan Jerz (Ryan Jerz’s Blog) in person.  And I was happy to finally meet, in person, our guest contributor Mike McGonagle (a.k.a GreenNV, Jaded, et al).  Also in attendance were past contributors Angie DiMauro and Miss Trudi. 

All shared informative and entertaining blogging tales and we all agreed to organize another local blogger meet-up soon.

Diane Cohn          Blog_6508Angie DiMauro         Blog_6498Guy Johnson         Blog_6488Miss Trudi           Blog_6481

Ryan Jerz           Blog_6473_2 Mike McGonagle          Blog_6517_2Mike, Diane, Guy and Ryan Blog_6519


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7 Responses to Blogger Meet-Up Held

  1. Avatar MikeZ says:

    Might I suggest a bit more notice next time? Say, a week advance notice?

    I would have liked to attend but on such short notice it was impossible to rearrange my schedule.

    Bummer! 🙁

  2. Avatar BanteringBear says:

    Thanks for posting the pics. I was looking for Kool-Aid mustaches, but they are well hidden. Angela wore the appropriate color lipstick for such a thing, it would seem.

  3. Avatar Phil Hoover says:

    With ample notice, you might even get me to drive to Reno for a FREE BEER!

  4. Avatar DERRICK says:

    No kidding! The short notice was more than enough to prevent me from attending.. After looking at some of the pictures I started to wonder… Would I be the only 20 something in the entire party? Am I the only 20 something on this entire Board?

    Next time give a little more notice diane. that way I can make not in my i-phone. If the weather is nice maybe I’ll even show up in my 63′ stingray?

    Anyone with 5.00 could of recieved a loan for 500k, 5 years ago huh BB? well… Thank god I did!


  5. Avatar Allen Murray says:

    Hey Derrick, I just sold a 66 Stingray w/427. I’ll meet up with you at the next one in my ’55 Belair. Cheers!

  6. Avatar Guy Johnson says:

    Next time we’ll definitely give more notice.

  7. Avatar Wolfy says:

    Looks like fun. Put me on the list.


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