Historical Caughlin Ranch House Sold

In October 2006 Diane Cohn listed the Caughlin Ranch house for $3,950,000 and we are happy to say that the property was sold by Chase International agents, Julane Wehbe and myself closing on September 4, 2008.  Details are in motion to connect with history and preserve this community treasure which is an irreplaceable part of Nevada’s rich, ranching heritage by getting this home registered with the historical society.  The book “Crissie Caughlin – Pioneer” by Shiela Lonie will give you details of the Caughlin family and the ranch house which was built in 1901.

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  1. Avatar Shark says:

    Wow, $2,650,000 (cash?) That’s only 18.5% under the original “what if” asking price from 2 years ago. Can’t wait to hear the details. The Resident Agent for the new owners is David Mollath, the power land use attorney all the developers use (think Lazy 8, Quilici / Mortensen annexation in Verdi, and tons of others). The list of officers for Bath Bishop Land LLC hasn’t been filed yet, so I don’t know who is behind the purchase, but Mollath’s involvement is a huge red flag and of major concern.

    This begs the question, what happened to Mayberry Stables which just dropped off the MLS?

  2. Avatar MikeZ says:


  3. Avatar BanteringBear says:

    The $2,650,000 sales price, if that’s indeed what it went for, represents a 33% discount from the original listing price. I think they grossly overpaid, but I haven’t seen any good deals in Reno in the past 7 years or so.

  4. Avatar Stephanie Hanna says:

    Congratulations Diane!

  5. Avatar billddrummer says:

    Congratulations, Diane!!

  6. Avatar Shark says:

    Give us some insight into what the commission split looks like on a deal like this for us outsiders. Diane lands and lists the property, assigns it when she thought she was Bay Area bound (my guess), and JoAnn and Julane close the deal with the Diane sign still posted (crocked – for a year or more your sign wasn’t straight on the property and you didn’t have the pride in your Brand to level it?)

    Not trying to be nosy, just trying to understand the arcane workings of the MLS and in-house workings within a Brokerage. OK, I AM being nosy – what is Diane’s cut of this after all the slash and dash, perorations, side deals, broker cuts, and expenses paid in to the transaction?

    Or the really easy ques ion, was this one a win or lose for Diane?

  7. Avatar NAS says:

    Crosses the line IMO. I would not share that information.

  8. Shark:
    In my book confidentiality is a trait of a true professional but I will share that the Caughlin Ranch House sale was a win/win for everyone involved.

    Owners of Mayberry Stables will most likely pursue their original plan.

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