Strange Call from American Home Mortgage…

…Or at least their loan servicing center in India, because I think that’s all that’s left of the company. They called today wanting to know if we could make our mortgage payment early. When the hubby asked if they were having cash flow problems, the phone representative laughed and said no, but kept trying to get him to make an early payment anyway. It was a very weird call. Aftwards we phoned the number on our bill which seemed to go to the same place, so we don’t think it’s a third-party scam, but who can really tell?

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7 Responses to Strange Call from American Home Mortgage…

  1. Avatar Tony Sena says:

    That’s strange? I have never heard of a lender calling and asking a homeowner if they could make their mortgage payment early? I would have thought it was a scam as well.

  2. Avatar longerwalk says:

    Yikes. Something else to watch out for in these tumultuous times.

  3. Avatar BanteringBear says:

    It’s got to be either a scam or a mix up. I’ve never heard of such a thing. Pay a bill early? Yeah right! Does that come with an interest credit? I’m sure not. If it’s actually legit, that’s pathetic.

  4. Avatar cash buyer says:

    hi diane, telephone call sounds strange….prepayment clause technicality? numbers of sold homes during august really bad for higher end market. is there a way to measure the absorbtion rate, or is it so small it is insignificant?

  5. Avatar Sully says:

    Diane; there are several American Home Mortgage companies – which one is it?

    American Home Mortgage Investment – bankrupt (AHM)
    American Home Mortgage Corp. – based in Tenn
    American Home Funding Mortgage
    American Home Mortgage Holding

  6. Avatar inclinejj says:

    Hard to say If this was a scam or not..many call centers have been moved over seas..

    I would be cautious!!

    There was a scam where a roaving band of crooks where coming into a county..Finding trust deeds from the local recorders office and sending out notices that looked real enough..saying the new mortgage company bought the mortgage and would send Mortgage coupons for payment..After a couple months they where long gone..

    I did hear servicing companies where calling borrowers during the 15 day grace period asking for payments early..

  7. Avatar Alonso Esquer says:

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