March Price Banding

In yesterday’s Medians post I forgot to include the price banding breakout for the month.  Here is the break out for March sales of site/stick built homes: 

 %  sold for less than…
 6%  $100,000
25% $150,000
49% $200,000
 71%  $250,000
 83%  $300,000
 90%  $350,000
93% $400,000


  • 60% of the sales were bank-owned properties
  • 17% of the sales were short sales
  • and 20% of the sales were “normal” equity sales

Also, for those of you asking about the condo numbers I am working on that and will post soon.


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4 Responses to March Price Banding

  1. Avatar billddrummer says:


    Thanks for the breakout.

    Just as a matter of information, 93% of homes sold for less than $400,000.

    23% of listings (1,512/6,594) are over $400,000.

    Reality (still!) hasn’t set in yet.

  2. Avatar robby says:

    Off the subject, but would anyone happen to know a good realtor in the Spanish springs area that I could possibly hire ? TIA

  3. Avatar EdBear says:

    Try these guys. I haven’t met Guy or Diane, but I think they sure are professional. I worked with Joanne, and have a high regard for her.

  4. Avatar Guy Johnson says:

    Great advice, EdBear; I couldn’t agree more.

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