Reno MLS Area changes

Last month the Reno/Sparks Association of REALTORS® implemented a few changes to Reno’s MLS Areas.

These changes included:

  • a new area was created (Area 116 – “Reno-Downtown Core”)
  • some existing areas were renamed (i.e. Area 122 – “Reno-Somersett” has been renamed to “Reno-Northwest Foothills”)
  • minor boundary changes

To see the specifics of all the modifications click here.

Click on the map below to access the revised Reno-Sparks MLS Area Map.

map courtesy of the Northern Nevada Regional MLS (NNRMLS)


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5 Responses to Reno MLS Area changes

  1. Avatar geopower says:

    Does anybody have info on what the plan is at the Shopper’s Corner at Keystone and 5th? The same company, Keystone Investment Holdings LLC owns the whole block except for the Wendy’s. The downtown blog mentioned the asian market property sold to them too, and is moving a couple blocks away. What can we expect to be going in here? Right now it is just getting more and more empty and creepy.

  2. Avatar Worried Guy says:

    Looks like some nice gerrymandering….Maybe Obama can bailout Keystone now also…Just print more money solves all the problems….Zimbabwe should have the #1 economy in the world if printing money was the answer.

  3. Avatar Worried Guy says:

    What would be nice to know is what is the percentage of homes that actually sale out of the amount that are listed over the last 6 months to 1 year.

  4. Avatar geopower says:

    A little more digging and the holding company traces back to Real Estate Affiliates Inc. in Calabasas, CA. They don’t have any website I can find. Anyone know the story?

  5. Avatar Waterstone Resident says:

    There is now a Notice of Sale for the Waterstone complex at 815 Kiley Ranch. It will be sold June 3 at 11am on the coutrhouse steps, S. Virginia St @ 75 Court St.

    What does this mean for residents?

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