Reno fourth largest city in Nevada

Latest U.S. Census Bureau estimates no longer place Reno as the third largest city in Nevada.  North Las Vegas has overtaken us; so we hold the fourth spot.  Not a big deal really, according to an article in today’s RGJ: Reno slips a notch in Nevada population rank, census estimates say

Here are the latest population numbers from the 2008 U.S. Census:

population rank city 2008 population
#1 Las Vegas 558,383
#2 Henderson 252,064
#3 North Las Vegas 217,253
#4 Reno 217,016
#5 Sparks 88,602
#6 Carson City 54,867

So what city is now the Biggest Little City?


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6 Responses to Reno fourth largest city in Nevada

  1. Avatar billddrummer says:

    Maybe Sparks?

  2. Avatar Walter says:

    The “Biggest Little City” is a artifact from an era gone by. I regret I wasn’t around to experience it, when Reno was the only city in America where one could legally gamble in a casino (LV was barely a blip on the map in the 30s and 40s), when men wore ties and women dressed up to go out to a casino. When the rich and famous came here by train to gamble and play. Long gone days never to return.

  3. Avatar EdBear says:

    Yeah, I remember those days, coming to Reno was a big deal. Stood for many hours looking into Harold’s Club windows watching people gamble and hoping my Dad would win and drop me a silver dollar (I still have them). Downtown Reno shows what can happen if you don’t forecast the times better. Some places seem to be doing ok, but the downtown with all the shuttered casinos is really depressing. BTW, stayed at the Grand Sierra this week, and was impressed with what the new owners have done to the place. Much nicer than it used to be. Now, if they can make money, perhaps theyv’e found a model for the rest of the places in serious decline.

  4. Avatar Saully says:

    Long gone days never to return for sure. My grandfather was a craps dealer at the Mapes in the late 40s and 50s. People would stand three deep at the craps table for hours on end. My grandmother never worked. They bought a new cadillac every three years. Back then the IRS had not decided to tax the tokes that dealers made. He made three times his salary in tokes, and it was tax free. An era gone forever.

  5. Avatar Tom says:

    Saully, during the late 50s, my Dad was a frequent player at those Mapes craps tables, probably piled chips on the field at your Grandpa’s table. He was a pretty good tipper, too. They knew him by first name at the Mapes — in those days you didn’t need a stinkin’ players’ club card.

  6. Avatar Reno Ignoramus says:

    In the vein of Reno nostalgia, the Rollan Melton house on Mt. Rose street is now an REO. Over 8,000 sq. ft. and listed for a bit over $1 million.
    Time marches on. Things change.

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