Downtown Reno area added to IDX property search functionality

Last year a new MLS area was created (Area 116 – “Reno-Downtown Core”) by the RSAR – see Reno MLS area changes. Unfortunately, this new area was never added to the search choices provided by the IDX service employed by many local websites, including this blog.

This oversight has now been corrected. If you click on the Search MLS tab above, you will now see Reno-Downtown Core included in the list of searchable areas. Give it try.


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7 Responses to Downtown Reno area added to IDX property search functionality

  1. Avatar Reno Ignoramus says:

    So now, we can see what downtown condos are on the MLS.

    I note there are no Montage condos, except the one overpriced resale. Is the Montage not even trying to sell these places anymore? Is the sales office even open? Anybody know?

  2. Avatar Catherine says:

    Montage is not selling anymore right now. Some of their admin people are still working, but I have no idea what they do all day…

  3. Avatar EdBear says:

    Does anyone know the story on these?
    MLS# 90018031
    375 Pine Street
    It looks pretty nice. Any fenced yard for a dog?
    What do you think of the area and the price?
    Thanks. Although my enthusiasm for buying a place in the Reno/Sparks area has wained, this one looked interesting.

  4. Avatar GrandWazoo says:

    Looks like the last of the original unsold Palladio units can be had for $200 sq/ft (or less).

  5. Avatar inthebusiness says:

    375 Pine is the contemporary Holcomb Place condo project. Very cool and seem well built. Close to the ball park. they started off at $495,000 in ’08, then $434,900 in Jan. ’09. It’s a short sale but worth a look. Guy could show you.

  6. Avatar SkrapGuy says:

    Re Holcomb Place:

    Go to the We3 thread Mike put up on December 18. He gives the lowdown on the project. It was an overpriced bubble-born project, complete with totally absurd bubble prices, that has turned into a trainwreck. Chase Int’l is into the project for a big loss. Notice Chase Int’l says nothing about it in its puffpiece in the thread Guy put up today. My prediction: Holcomb Place units will be selling for south of $105K. Won’t know for sure until the extent of the Montage tank out is known. Just give it time. Give it time.

  7. Avatar EdBear says:

    Hey Scrap and itb,
    Thanks for the input. Any idea when the Montage issues will shake out?

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