Ticor Title charts for January – updated

Just an FYI; I received the Washoe County recordings (new home sales, re-sales, and re-fis) from Ticor Title.  I’ve added the chart to Tuesday’s post.  See Ticor Title charts for January


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  1. Avatar Tom says:

    Off-topic question:

    Could one of you local residents post an answer to this question? I am looking at properties on a particular mesa, just below the treeline in the Tannerwood area of Callahan Ranch.
    What is the prevailing wind direction in that Callahan Ranch area, along the Mount Rose Highway, south of the highway and from Callahan Ranch Road up the hill to the edge of Montreux? I think it generally blows from the south-southwest, but I don’t know how consistently it comes from that direction.
    Thank you.

  2. Avatar Sully says:


    The Reno-Southwest community is situated along the base of the east-facing slopes of the Carson Range. Slopes generally range between from eight and twenty percent with steeper slopes in the drainages. The prevailing wind direction is from the south and southwest with downslope and cross slope winds common during summer afternoons.

    That is from the fire departments risk assessment article on wild fires. It seems to me the cross winds are more dominant then the prevailing winds, also – heavy wrought iron patio furniture is very popular here. 🙂

  3. Avatar Norton says:

    Tom, I have some friends who live close to the vicinty you describe. Last summer, I was at their house for a barbeque and took it 15 minutes to light the fire because as soon as the fire lighter struck a flame, the wind blew it out.

    I have another friend who owns a roofing business in Reno. His business has taken a big hit due to the lack of construction in Reno over the past 2 years. He tells me he has stayed alive doing roof wind repairs in the Arrowcreek and Callahan areas.

  4. Avatar mescalito says:

    Tom, I’ll have to agree with Sully. I live on the other side (east) of Callahan from where you’re looking. Our wind hits us from the south/southwest.

    Great place to live, hope you find a home that works for you!

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