BofA outreach center to open in Reno by end of month

In case you missed it in the RGJ, bank of America plans to open three outreach centers in Nevada to assist distressed homeowners, including one in Reno by the end of the month. The outreach centers will assist the bank’s Nevada customers with loan modifications and other foreclosure prevention assistance.

See Reno to get Bank of America outreach center for the story.


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  1. Avatar pixiedust says:

    I have a question that I hope someone can help me with. My son lives in Calif. He was renting a house that went into foreclosure, of course the owner never told him -he found out when there was a notice on the door. The trustee sale was May 20th. After that he was contacted by a property management company who said they are representing the new owners, a group of investors. At first they tried to give him 30 days notice, but he reminded them of the fed. law so they extended it to 90 days but increased his rent for those 90 days. They are now telling him that the new owners ‘might’ let him continue renting after the 90 days but that he would have to agree to a 1 year lease and an additional rent increase to start on the 1st of next month, oh and they also charged him for rent from May 20-May 31 even though he had already paid May rent to the prior owner..I think they are BS’ing him about the new investor owners, I think it’s bank owned- but I signed up for a trial with realty trac and it doesn’t list the house at all, not even as a pre-foreclosure..can the bank (Wells Fargo) keep the property from being listed. California doesn’t list owner information on their assessor website, and my son works when they are open- any ideas on how to find out who currently owns this house?

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