Reno didn’t make Moody’s list

It’s refreshing to see Reno, Nevada NOT on a list of dire economic news.  A new report from Moody’s singled out 22 cities that are at risk of slipping back into a recession in as early as three months. See the story here: 22 cities in danger of a double-dip recession

Perhaps, Moody’s feels Reno is at the bottom and has no room for a "double-dip".


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8 Responses to Reno didn’t make Moody’s list

  1. Avatar inclinejj says:

    Why worry about a double dip recession when you are in a depression!!!

  2. Avatar HighlyTrainedRealEstateAnalyst says:

    I agree inclinejj.
    My highly trained real estate analyst sense is telling me that in order to “double dip” you have to dip, come out of the dip,and then dip again. Wait, I’m not highly trained, and I’m not a real estate analyst. Maybe I learned that from the Seinfeld show?

  3. Avatar billddrummer says:

    I’m a highly trained credit and real estate analyst, and there hasn’t been an emergence of the Reno economy from the first dip.

    So i tend to agree with incliinejj, that because there hasn’t been a meaningful recovery, there can’t be (by definition) a double dip.

  4. Avatar Zen says:

    At least those cities got to slip out of the recession for a while.

  5. Avatar Rory says:

    You guys are insufferable.

  6. Avatar Zen says:


    Just a little dark humor, at least on my part. By definition though:

    Difficult or impossible to endure; intolerable.

    My wife would agree, so you do have a point.

  7. Avatar Rory says:

    That made me laugh Zen, thanks.

  8. Avatar GratefulD_420 says:

    Ditto. Word.

    Exactly my thoughts upon reading the caption.

    Reno cannot “double-dip” until we have hit a bottom or had an upswing. Just ask Smarten what it feels like to hit and live at the very bottom. 🙂 jk. lol.

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