ForeclosureRadar is now tracking NV, Washoe County and Reno

ForeclosureRadar, a website that has tracked foreclosure activity in California for quite some time now, has recently added Nevada (as well as Arizona, Washington and Oregon) to its mix.  Visitors to the site can now see foreclosure activity for the state, by county, by city, and even zip code.

One of the things I like best about ForeclosureRadar’s site is that the metrics they track go way beyond the standard number of filed NODs and NOTs.  The data hounds out there will love these metrics.  The site shows data and charts for…

  • Foreclosure Outcomes
    • Cancellations
    • Back to Bank (REO)
    • Sold to 3rd Party
  • Foreclosure Inventories
    • Preforeclosures
    • Scheduled for Sale
    • Bank Owned (REO)
  • Foreclosure Bids
  • Foreclosure Timeframes
  • Foreclosure Filings
    • by Number of Bedrooms
    • by Square Footage
    • by Year Built
    • by Estimated Market Value
    • by Loan Balance
    • by Loan Origination Date

Below is an example chart from the website (click on chart to enlarge).  This chart shows the foreclosure outcomes for Washoe County over the past year.

Here we see that foreclosure cancellations (i.e. successful short sale, loan modification, etc.) are up 136% year-over-year.  Those properties that were sold to a third party are up 7.5 percent Y-o-Y.  And the number of foreclosures that have gone back to the bank is up 12 percent Y-o-Y.

Take a look at these data.  I would like to hear what conclusions you draw from the numbers and trends.



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  1. Avatar bob_c says:

    foreclosure inventory (pre foreclosure) = OUCH

  2. Avatar MikeZ says:

    Good site, thanks for the link, Guy.

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