What’s the future of housing look like?

Hanley-Wood’s ProSales Online recently published a collection of pieces identifying seven trends that will shape the future of America’s housing.  See 7 Trends Shaping America’s Homes.  Briefly these include:

Big builders continuing to cut costs
“While they keep squeezing dealers to cut prices, big builders are cutting costs in ways that could transform life for LBM dealers–provided small builders follow the big builders’ lead.”  Some as low as $35 per square foot.
See Craig Webb’s Big Builders’ Second Story.

Energy Star compliance
The Energy Star for Homes Program enters a third, tougher phase next year setting higher standards in areas such as air, thermal, and vapor flow, as well as mandating third-party verification for systems such as thermal enclosure, HVAC, and water management. See Jessica Porter’s Rising Star for the story.

Expect more sheds
As home sizes decrease; sheds will increase (in both size and number).  Check out Kate Tyndall’s The Homestead Act for the story, as well as a picture of $43,500 shed.

Generation Y
“Echo Boomers will define the future of homebuilding–once they define themselves….Today, there are 81 million "Echo Boomers" who were born from 1981 to 1999, compared to just 78 million Baby Boomers born from 1946 to 1964.”  See Bendix Anderson’s piece, Hear That Echo?

“All the single ladies”
Additionally, single women will drive a lot of housing demand over the next decade.  In 2009 single females accounted for 21 percent of homebuyers; single men – only 10 percent.    See Bendix Anderson’s Don’t Ignore This WINK.

Multigenerational housing on the rise
Look for increases in number of bedrooms, in-law suites, 2nd master baths, etc to meet this trend.  See Jason Jacks’ Bringing Home Baby (Plus Mom, Dad, and Grandparents).

Aging population
“Most Baby Boomers want to retire where they live now. That will necessitate accommodations to ag[ing, such as:] Entrance ramps. Wider hallways. Roomier bathrooms.” See Jason Jacks’ In Home, Out of Touch.


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