Emerging from the economic crisis

A couple RGJ pieces caught my attention this week.  These stories reported positive numbers for Washoe County and the state, so I thought I’d pass them along.

From the RGJ’S Nevada’s new business filings rise for first time in nearly 5 years piece…
“For the first time in nearly five years, Nevada posted positive growth for its number of business filings — a potential sign that the state has weathered the worst part of its economic crisis. …New business entity filings rose to 13,801 during the fourth quarter of 2010, according to a recent study by Nevada-based research and analysis firm Applied Analysis. New filings were up 2.4 percent from the previous quarter and 2.8 percent from the fourth quarter of 2009.”

From the RGJ’S Washoe foreclosure activity drops again, but moratorium affects numbers story…
“Washoe County’s foreclosure rate — which includes default notices, scheduled auctions and bank repossessions — declined 28 percent over January, from 1,379 foreclosures to 991. The county showed a 25 percent year-over-year decrease from February 2010.”


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4 Responses to Emerging from the economic crisis

  1. Avatar MikeZ says:

    That’s good news. If job creation turns upward, it becomes excellent news.

  2. Avatar Rebelrunner says:

    Be skeptical.
    This study was performed by a company called Applied Analysis in Las Vegas.
    Applied Analysis is essentially a shill piece for the Clark County Chamber of Commerce, builder industry, realtor industry.
    This is the same company that predicted in early 2008 that houses prices would increase by 7-9% in 2009 in Las Vegas, that there would be a housing shortage in LV by 2012, and that the LV job market would experience a severe worker shortage by 2012.
    Nobody can spin the numbers better than Applied Analysis.
    Do some research on Applied Analysis and Jeremy Aguero.

  3. Avatar Zen says:


    I have spent some time looking for information on Applied Analysis & Jeremy Aguero, but so far have not been able to find anything that suggests that their information is biased or out of line. If you have such information, please provide it. If all they did was make a poor prediction or two, then I don’t necessarily see that as proof of being “a shill piece for the Clark County Chamber of Commerce, builder industry, realtor industry.” Predicting the future after all is only at best an educated guess for us mortals.

  4. Avatar billddrummer says:

    Thanks for the stats. According to Rebelrunner, there is no good news.

    The cyanide tray will be passed to the left.

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