Holly House

I don’t often post my listings on this blog, but one of my newest listings is quite a property.  Apparently, the RGJ feels the same way, as the property was featured on the front page of this morning’s Local Life section.  See: Skyline’s Holly House gets ‘extreme makeover’ inside and out

This Skyline Boulevard property, originally constructed in 1953, has quite a history.  Among other things, throughout the years it has been the location for numerous renowned functions attended by Reno’s socialites.  The property was also once owned by Harold Smith Jr., of Reno’s legendary Harold’s Club.  The property also has its own Facebook Page where more info on the home’s history and recent renovation can be found – see Holly House.

The MLS listing can be found here: 954 Skyline Boulevard  If you, or someone you know, would be interested in owning a piece of Reno history, give me a call to view this outstanding, newly restored property. [Guy Johnson (775) 722-4011 ]


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I am a licensed Nevada REALTOR® living and working in Reno, Nevada. Give me a call at 775-722-4011. My team and I will be happy to assist you with your real estate needs.
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  2. Avatar Transplant says:

    I just don’t understand the appeal of that Southern plantation style. What kind of person gets all warm and fuzzy for a time when the White trash and the darkies knew their proper place? A house like this always makes me imagine there’s a row of tarpaper shacks in back, for the ‘labor.’

  3. Avatar Martin says:


    Please do keep us posted on all the price reductions as they occur. Will you do that?

  4. Avatar Craftley says:

    One night, many years ago, I spent the night in that house. Oh what a night.


  5. Avatar Toscar says:

    Good grief Transplant…

    I’m a 2002 California native who most willingly transplanted himself to Tennessee, (thank God), and I can assure you the “tarpaper shacks in back” are long Gone With The Wind.

    …”there ain’t no mo”….

  6. Avatar George Strait says:

    But all my ex’s live in Texas, And that’s why I hang my hat in Tennessee

  7. Avatar Reno Dino says:

    Joyce, who owned the property, did a beautiful job of decorating the place for Christmas, inside and out. Nice to see the place fixed up. Liked the new kitchen, not crazy about the master bath. The owners will have a hard time getting their money out.

  8. Avatar Uncle Tom says:

    Never mind the house, someone said the owner was a Joyce, and I never met a Joyce I didn’t like. 🙂

    Actually, this house has curb appeal to me. It isn’t jammed in tight like most Reno houses–even those up in the Mount Rose Corridor are too darn close together to be desireable.

    Also, what’s all this harp about the shacks out back, apparently referring to ancient times in the South. Great-Grandpa Smith, of the Smith County Smiths, in TN, called those places “help houses” because that’s where the hired help lived. They weren’t too bad, either–adjusting for their place in time, they were actually similar in quality and rooms to what much of Reno seems to be now, as I peruse the -$400k listings. Yes, Reno has some very nice upscale houses. But they are too close together, even if you pay $2 million and up in St James or Montreux, look at the side yard spacing and shallow back yards. It is all very dense urban living camoflaged with trees.

    I can see this property appealing to a buyer. It just takes the one right family.

  9. Avatar another lurker says:

    Construction quality no doubt blows those new places in Arrowcreek/Montreux out of the water. Plus a bigger lot and what I consider a much better location than Arrowcreek/Montreux. And $1.2 million is a very reasonable price. I can easily see a retired California millionaire, who wants to escape California income tax, likes being near snow for winter skiing, but doesn’t like dealing with snow when not skiing, snapping this place up instead of something in Incline village.

  10. Avatar Carlo says:

    The sellers bought the house for $69 a sq.ft. and are selling it for $206 a sq. ft.? Do I have the math right?

  11. Avatar Raymond says:

    This is a nice house. At a price that is 8 times the median, it ought to be a nice house.
    Meanwhile, back in the everyday world, there were 641 NODs recorded last month. This is not a good sign. The real estate market will not get better until the foreclosures abate, and 641 NODs is ugly.

  12. Avatar Rory says:

    Transplant is merely projected his own biased and bigoted views on the world.

  13. Avatar Guy Johnson says:

    RRB numbers cited and Holly House mentioned on KTVN news: new indicators of Reno’s real estate market

  14. Avatar Sully says:

    Donna says we need a few more months like that, “a 3% increase over the next 6 months, then I would be encouraged to say we’re at the bottom.”

    I would agree if by some miracle prices increase over the next six months, the worst selling months of the season. However, I won’t hold my breath!

  15. Avatar NVNative says:

    Holly House is now pending. I went through it with my family (with the intent to buy), but we felt that it was 300k over priced given the neighborhood. It also didn’t fit our family as there is basically no backyard for 4 kids and 2 dogs to run around. And for such a huge home (6 bedrooms) the developers really overlooked some “have-to’s” for modern day families. First off, you enter the house from the garage right through the middle of the formal dining room and living room. Where are you suppose to dump all of your crap like purses, backpacks, boot, coats? There is no pantry. The downstairs laundry doesn’t have any storage for baskets, etc. The upstairs “laundry” is merely a hall closet with stacked units. Lastly, my biggest peeve was with the kitchen – generic Reno mountain/Tuscan, whatever you wanna call it. It doesn’t go with the house at all. I would rip everything out and put in white cabinets to the ceiling with calcutta marble countertops. YUM!

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