Reno turns an important financial corner

In case you missed them, here are some recent stories from the RGJ…

The RGJ recaps yesterday’s State of the City Address; new budget is outlined: City Manager: Reno’s turned a corner but still faces challenges

Statewide Nevada’s manufacturing industry health is ailing, but locally the conditions are better and improving every day: Analysis: Nevada has received an F grade for manufacturing 4 years in a row, but the Reno-area reality belies the statistics


  1. Don

    Always believe everything you read & hear from politians! Sounds like the President’s statement “the private sector is doing fine”. News 4’s question to viewers several days ago was how is the local employment & housing doing? Last I saw was over 20% not improving and over 44% getting worse. Who do we believe, the people who live here or the media & political leaders?

  2. Dirtbagger

    A News 4 survey would be considered at best, anecdotal evidence. There seems to be ample evidence that the local economy has begun to stabilize (taxable sales, median housing prices, unemployment statistics). Turing a corner? Thay may be a bit of a stretch.

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