August AB284 market update from the Lebo Group

Below find the latest video from Brian Lebo of The Lebo Group. In the video, titled Early August AB284 Market Update, Lebo discusses the current state of the Las Vegas real estate market – particularly from a inventory level and NOD perspective. Trend-wise, the similarities to our Reno-Sparks’ market are numerous enough that I believe you will find the information Lebo presents to be useful. Enjoy.

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  1. Avatar walter says:

    Is number of applications for home loans increasing along with the increase in NOD’s? No use having more inventory if there aren’t more buyers. It’s my understanding that cash buyers, assumed investors, are dominating the market. How much of an inventory increase can be absorbed by cash buyers? In what price range? What percent of the inventory increase is made up of properites not in default? In other words, are owners who are not in default trying to sell their houses?

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