A housing boom repeat?

Could housing prices return to those seen during the housing bubble’s peak? If so, how soon? Some analysts are predicting as early as 2015. Check out this story by CNNMoney: A new housing boom


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12 Responses to A housing boom repeat?

  1. Avatar Jay says:

    ok, a little off subject. Have you seen the new property tax rates assessed for next year. Wow, my neighborhood dropped like a rock, after climbing a little this year. I am glad my taxes are going down, but I did expect another little rise in value. Now what is the county going to do, with lower tax revenue.

  2. Avatar Sully says:

    “But while many economists believe this emerging housing recovery will produce only slow and modest improvement in home prices, construction and jobs, others believe the rebound will be much stronger.”

    Are these the same guys that said there was no housing bubble and when confronted with the actual fact claimed there was no possible way to foresee this coming?

  3. Avatar Matthew says:

    Don’t fight the fed.

    Buy the bubbles, but get out before the other suckers.

  4. Avatar tyler says:

    Hopefully this news indeed turns out to be true. At least, it is a great sign that things are moving in this direction.

  5. Avatar lurker says:

    Wish I had that problem….

  6. Avatar Carlo says:

    Uh huh, allow me to paraphrase the founder of this blog, Diane Cohn, circa 2006………
    better buy now or get priced out forever.

  7. Avatar Twister says:

    From what I’ve read about her, she priced herself right into a foreclosure and a serious downward spiral. She paid the price for selling the lie but others did too because they blindly followed her. Word to the wise…think for yourselves.

  8. Avatar MikeZ says:

    I clicked on your name … “Page not found.”

  9. Avatar MikeZ says:

    “Could housing prices return to those seen during the housing bubble’s peak? If so, how soon? Some analysts are predicting as early as 2015.”

    50-60% price inflation in 3 years? Impossible. Maybe 10-15-20 years out, but we’ll need a real recovery with good jobs first.

  10. Avatar Matthew says:

    @MikeZ, the prices mean nothing when the capital to purchase is provided by government.

  11. Avatar Sully says:

    Yeah Mike, just like the unemployment rate suddenly dropped to 7.8% two days after Obama’s poor showing in the first debate. 🙂

  12. Avatar Mark M says:

    I wish this recovery is true. I got two houses I need to sell now…

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