‘All Seasons, a Thousand Reasons’

What’s with the title of this post? Why that’s the new marketing slogan unveiled today by the Reno-Sparks Convention and Visitors Authority. What do you think of it? Personally, I like it. Our area certainly has all seasons covered. And there are a multitude of reasons to visit.

Incidentally, the new slogan replaces the previous “Far From Expected”. Do you like the new slogan better?

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7 Responses to ‘All Seasons, a Thousand Reasons’

  1. Avatar Twister says:

    Its a great slogan! One thats indicative of a more confident city whereas the previous slogan sounded as insecure as Reno may have been in being the nations butt end of jokes a year ago.

  2. Avatar dbCooper says:

    I like it. Unlike the last slogan that made you scratch your head looking for a meaning; this new one definitely fits the essence of Reno.

  3. Avatar lurker says:

    I like it. Only think is they need to keep it longer than 6 months, so that people will see it, remember it, and think of it. Otherwise, why even have a slogan?

  4. Avatar geopower says:

    So that’s what, the fifth slogan in the last 3 years?
    America’s Adventure Place; A Little West of Center; What’s Your Passion?; Far From Expected; All Seasons, a Thousand Reasons.
    It seems like the branding consultants are writing really bad Japanese poetry.
    I agree with previous poster Uncle Tom that the gritty reality of Reno can’t be ignored away. I think an appropriate summary of Reno would be
    Reno, on the Edge
    I know this wouldn’t fly for several reasons, including a prominent club in town with that name. But for me, both the good and bad implications of that slogan apply to Reno.
    Where I disagree with Uncle Tom is that we should want the people to come to Reno just to get drunk and stumble around downtown. We are plenty good at that ourselves, we don’t need to import talent.
    I think the focus of selling Reno should be as a good place for business. Texas already has “Wide Open for Business.” Which I think is a clear indication that none of this matters much. How many people know Texas as “Wide Open for Business” and how many “Don’t Mess with Texas,” which is actually an old anti-littering campaign. None of these campaigns stand a chance of unseating “The Biggest Little City,” so I don’t know why they keep trying.

  5. Avatar transplant says:

    Having gone to college in Colorado, I find northern NV to be the country’s best kept secret. Better and more accessible skiing than Colorado IMHO. I remember driving 1.5 to 2 hrs to get to the slopes from Boulder. Here in Reno, it’s 20min from my driveway to Mt. Rose.

    Colorado tourism is booming. Think how much better off northern NV would be if they emphasized that side of living here? Alot of hay could be made from that.

    OBTW, nobody spends a lot of money to visit sketchy places. Don’t know how Geopower thinks that making some of Reno’s blighted areas a focal point of a marketing campaign is a good idea.

  6. Avatar Steve Watts says:

    If you thought Colorado tourism was booming before, wait until you see how their ski resorts do now that they legalized marijuana. Nevada misses another boat.

  7. Avatar geopower says:

    I agree Reno is a good place to live if you like to ski and own a 4wd. I do, and I find it very convenient. But I disagree that it can sell itself as a ski tourism spot.
    Reno isn’t the place people stay on vacation to ski because that place already exists- it’s called Tahoe. Why stay an hour away if you don’t have to? At Northstar, Squaw and Heavenly you can walk out of your hotel or condo and onto the gondola. Outside the resort villages, tourists get to enjoy the snow and mountain views they expect on a ski vacation.
    That’s why more resorts and hotel rooms keep getting built in Tahoe, while Reno is trying to convert our oversupply of rooms (due to the decline of gaming) to cheap condos.
    Right now Mt. Rose is the only ski area that bothers to run shuttles from Reno hotels to their slopes, likely because it lacks an on-site hotel. The rest of the resorts have no interest in promoting Reno as place to stay while skiing, since that eats into their own hotel and restaurant business, which make more than lift tickets.
    I think if Reno had been likely to become a ski destination, it would have happened sometime in the last 50 years that Tahoe has been a major ski destination.
    Also, I didn’t think that “On the Edge” would help tourism, I thought it might stick in people’s minds because it sounded right. “Keep Austin Weird” or “What Happens in Vegas…” stick in people’s minds I think because they carry an element of perceived truth.
    I don’t think the Reno economy should be resting on tourism, I think it should be able to sell itself on fundamentals as a good place for business with good transportation access to large markets, low taxes, low costs and a good quality of life. If we want tourism back, we should do like Steve said and legalize some things that are illegal elsewhere. That’s what built the divorce and gambling booms in Reno before. Those ended because the laws around the country caught up. What do people want enough now that they would be willing to come to Reno to get it?

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