This week’s headlines

Here are some national real estate-related stories that came across my desk this week. The story on ‘zombie titles’ was particularly interesting. Would love to hear your comments.
And the Reuters piece on the surge in new housing starts is welcome news.


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5 Responses to This week’s headlines

  1. Avatar Jay says:

    Zombie Titles was interesting, scary, and sad.

  2. Avatar walt trauth says:

    Thanks Guy, more excellent info. as usual. The “IRONY…” article was of particular interest. If you don’t mind telling me, have you worked with any recent “foreclosees” to help them find a home to purchase? Is the “post-foreclosure” buyer part of a wave of buyers here in Reno?
    Your curation consistently provides value. I appreciate it.

  3. Avatar Guy Johnson says:

    E.Edward, thank you for the link.

    walt trauth, I have not worked with any post-foreclosure buyers yet (at least none of which I am aware). It may be that the wave has not yet hit.

  4. Avatar MikeZ says:

    I guess the lesson to take away from the “Zombie titles” article is to stay in the house until the day the Sheriff shows up to take possession of the house for the lender?

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