Trends currently impacting the region

A piece in the Reno Gazette-Journal reported on the trends affecting the economic outlook for the region. The good news is that forecasts are optimistic regarding the overall outlook for 2013.

See the entire story here: 10 trends that matter for Reno this year

Ten trends currently impacting the region…

  1. More dollar-type stores moved in
  2. California businesses look for new digs
  3. Homebuyers are using more cash to finance deals
  4. Short sales make up half of resales
  5. Shadow inventory: 12,000 homes
  6. Washoe County’s population recovers
  7. Job generators shift
  8. Data centers now are the area’s second hottest prospect
  9. The push for developing a community venture fund
  10. Site visits by companies increase

source: Reno Gazette-Journal


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4 Responses to Trends currently impacting the region

  1. Avatar Steve Jobs says:

    All this talk about the economic benefits of local data centers just baffles me. While there are certainly some short-term construction jobs, the reality of the data center business is that almost no one actually works in these things – they employ a very small local skeleton crew to keep the power/cooling infrastructure going and to rack and repair the actual servers and their network/storage systems. Anyone who thinks the data center industry is going to bring a large number of long-term good paying jobs to the region simply does not understand what goes on inside these facilities.

  2. Avatar Sully says:

    This article brings up several good reasons to repeal AB 284. Since it was supposed to halt robo signing (already done) and not supposed to halt foreclosures (unintended consequence) then there is no longer a need for it, in the current format. The few that have been foreclosed on in error, still have legal recourse available. If there even are any in that predicament.

    2,5 and 10 are directly influenced by the available housing inventory. Companies seeking to move here are not going to hire everyone from the local employment pool. They will need homes for the people being moved. The way this market looks right now, there is barely enough housing for two more companies, much less the locals that are seeking homes. Add in the fact that the earlier foreclosed buyers have now cleared their credit up and can once again get in race!

    Heck, maybe data centers are the best bet. They won’t need so many employees to house! 🙂

  3. Avatar Rudolph says:

    Reno/Sparks is not exactly the prettiest girl at the dance. Sometimes you just have to be grateful anybody shows some interest.

  4. Avatar dirtbagger says:

    It could be worse, Reno/Sparks could be getting 99 cent stores rather than $1 stores

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