2013: the year of Reno Tahoe USA

Reno Tahoe Sparks - Best Place EverFrequent readers of this blog know that I post news of whenever Reno, Nevada and/or the surrounding area makes a top-ten list from a third-party publication. [In fact, I did so earlier this week with Reno one of the top-ten best places to live]

I had the sense that Reno-Tahoe seemed to be appearing on more lists this year than in years past, but I had no idea just how many, or how varied were the publications and websites recognizing our beautiful area. That is until I read this press release on the Reno Tahoe USA blog: RENO TAHOE USA REACHES “TIPPING POINT” WITH OVER 50 “TOP 10” AWARDS

Yes, you read that correctly, over 50 top-ten awards!

From “Best Ski Resorts in North America” to “Best Beaches for Families”, and from “America’s Cheapest (Livable) Cities” to “Best Places to Retire”. The Reno-Tahoe area has it all. “Best Food Trucks”? Check. “Most Crime-Free Cities in America”? Check. “Underestimated Cities for Food”? Yep, that one too.

While it is certainly nice to see Reno making these lists, I always have been (and remain) happy to call Reno, Nevada my home, irrespective of its inclusion on any top-ten list. I am well aware of the quality of life the Reno-Tahoe area offers. And you readers who live here also know it. I suppose now the rest of the world is learning it too. 🙂

Note: For a complete list of recent Reno Tahoe awards, visit Reno Tahoe USA Top Lists.

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    I just hope the housing prices come back down

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