The EPIC Report: forecasts and actual numbers

The EPIC Report is a study by the Economic Planning Indicators Committee to forecast Northern Nevada’s employment, population, households & associated tax revenues to the year 2020. You may read more about the EPIC Report methodology, areas and projections here. Or click these links to access Volume One and Volume 2 of the EPIC Report.

Since December 2014 the Economic Planning Indicators Committee has been tracking actual numbers of jobs, residents and households formation and reconciling to its projections. …and the projections look to be pretty darn good so far. For example, one of the scenarios (Scenario B) of the EPIC report forecasted 9,191 new jobs between December 2014 and October 2015 (or a 2.6 percent increase). The actual new jobs number came in at 9,087 (a 2.6 percent increase).

Similarly, Scenario B of the EPIC Report forecasted an increase to the area’s population of 5,240 new persons for the same time period (or a 0.9 percent increase). The actual increase in population was 7,036 (or a 1.2 percent increase).

The same percent change number (a 1.2 percent increase) was observed for new household formation as well during the same period.

Again this link will take you to charts showing the EPIC Reports projections to 2020 and much more. But if you’re curious, the EPIC Report’s Scenario B Forecasts projects…

  • 52,400 new jobs between December 2014 and December 2019
  • 42,400 new residents between December 2014 and December 2019
  • 16,800 new households between December 2014 and December 2019

* Source: EPIC Report from the Economic Planning Indicators Committee

Other scenarios in the report project even greater numbers.


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