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EPIC Report — updated with latest actual numbers

The EPIC (Economic Planning Indicators Committee) Report has been updated with the most recent census numbers with seasonal adjustments. [Source: RCG Economics] The purpose of the EPIC study is to forecast how many jobs and residents will potentially be located … Continue reading

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How are actual growth (jobs, households, population) numbers tracking with projections?

Each month the Economic Planning Indicators Committee (aka EPIC) compares actual numbers of new jobs, new households, and population growth to its EPIC report forecasts of the same. The region is now over two years into the five year EPIC … Continue reading

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The EPIC Report: forecasts and actual numbers

The EPIC Report is a study by the Economic Planning Indicators Committee to forecast Northern Nevada’s employment, population, households & associated tax revenues to the year 2020. You may read more about the EPIC Report methodology, areas and projections here. … Continue reading

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