1. 370H55V

    But not if they vote for the same kind of people that ruined CA in the first place.

  2. Darp

    100% agree. I was a 4th generation Californian and went over the Wall as a refuge to escape from them. The people who left NYC in the Dinkin years and from Detroit went to CA because it was so much better place to live in 70s and 80s. BUT they brought their destructive politics that destroyed Detroit with them and have ruined CA and that is why 50% want to leave it now. We only want people from CA that understand what is destroying CA.

    Unfortunately they are slow learners. They go to NV or TX because it is so much better than CA, then say gee things are not like they are in Detroit or CA, we should raise taxes have a huge stupid government and massive counterproductive regulations like we had in Detroit and now in CA, not realizing that that is what turned Detroit into a murderous jobless hellhole.

    Billboards should be put up at the border “Do not move here if you want to turn NV into a Democrat Death Spiral like CA”

  3. Guy Johnson

    Thank you for your comment, Darp. And thank you for reading the blog. Much appreciated.

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