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Short Sale FAIL

After eight unsuccessful months trying to sell our Somersett McMansion for $525,000, we raised the price to $572,000. No, we’re not crazy. The bank is. For those who may not know me, I started this blog in late 2005. I … Continue reading

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Go Ahead, Hate Me.

Reno Ignoramus is strange, old friend. Though I’ve never met him, seen him, or even know his real name, as my second commentor ever on this blog (behind Gotlots who mysteriously disappeared) he has this uncanny ability to interpret my … Continue reading

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Short Selling My House

So our move to the Bay Area is back on due to the hubby’s new job. Since we owe more than the home is worth, we will attempt a short sale. Leslie Henderson, short sale expert, is our listing agent … Continue reading

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Reno Sparks Residential Market Update

In March, prices changed little as unit sales again rose. Months’ supply of inventory decreased in every category except over $1 million, which jumped from four years to five. Waiting for the higher-end market to capitulate is like waiting for … Continue reading

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The Case for Inflation, Deflation & Hyperinflation

The economic discussion under my last post segues nicely into this next read. This is especially for Bantering Bear, who so far has not seen a good case for hyperinflation and doesn’t think the current crises will go that far. … Continue reading

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We, The American People, Have Been Robbed

People, your taxpayer dollars continue to bail out banks and friends of banks run by the very same multi-millionaire, ivy-league good ole boys who drove the United States of America off the economic precipice. How long can these corporate behemoths … Continue reading

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Guy Johnson Trains Local Realtors to Use Internet Tools

Time out for kudos. Recently our very own Guy received a nice write-up in the Lake Tahoe Review. Although the first third is about what our broker has done with social networking, Guy carries the rest of the story with … Continue reading

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Canaries in the Coal Mine

Or, for the more morbidly minded, perhaps I should title this post Diane’s Depression Reading. (Now who’s become the hostile pessimist? Bwaa-aa-aaaa…) Brand it what you will, the Great Depression took four long years to progress from the Crash of … Continue reading

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