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U.S. housing market losses greater than during the Great Depression

A recent article in the Ventura County Star was brought to my attention; I thought I’d share. According to a report released by Capital Economics (see Worse than the Great Depression), losses suffered during the collaspse of the U.S. Housing … Continue reading

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The Case for Inflation, Deflation & Hyperinflation

The economic discussion under my last post segues nicely into this next read. This is especially for Bantering Bear, who so far has not seen a good case for hyperinflation and doesn’t think the current crises will go that far. … Continue reading

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Canaries in the Coal Mine

Or, for the more morbidly minded, perhaps I should title this post Diane’s Depression Reading. (Now who’s become the hostile pessimist? Bwaa-aa-aaaa…) Brand it what you will, the Great Depression took four long years to progress from the Crash of … Continue reading

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From Housing Bubble to Bread Lines?

I am deeply disturbed by the direction our country is going. How can I even care about real estate in Reno as the United States goes to hell in a handbasket right before my eyes? Is it just me? Am … Continue reading

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