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How long do I have to wait before I can buy again?

Ever wonder how long you’ll have to wait to qualify for a new home loan after selling your home as a short sale; or after declaring bankruptcy; or after being foreclosed upon? Well, one of my colleagues in the lending … Continue reading

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What does a short sale approval letter look like?

Contemplating short selling your home?  Ever wonder what that short sale approval letter will look like when and if it finally arrives?  And how long will it take to receive the short sale approval letter from your lien holder once … Continue reading

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Are you considering selling your property as a short sale?

First Centennial Title Company of Nevada has put together a Homeowner’s Guide to Short Sales.  This guide contains useful information for homeowners considering selling their property as a short sale.  From a detailed explanation of the short sale process to … Continue reading

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Wells Fargo releases short sale guide

…and claims their processing time to approve or deny an offer on a short sale has been reduced to just 25 days.  If true, that is a considerable improvement over the three to six month average the lending industry now … Continue reading

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Short sale flowchart

“Why does it take so long to close a short sale?”  This is a question I get asked daily. Thanks to our friends at First Centennial Title I can now point to the flowchart below to provide some insight into … Continue reading

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2009 sales by MLS area

Compiling the information below is something I’ve been planning on doing myself, but have not yet found the time to do so.  So I was very pleased when during our last office meeting our managing broker distributed the data below. … Continue reading

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Short Sale FAIL

After eight unsuccessful months trying to sell our Somersett McMansion for $525,000, we raised the price to $572,000. No, we’re not crazy. The bank is. For those who may not know me, I started this blog in late 2005. I … Continue reading

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Short Selling My House

So our move to the Bay Area is back on due to the hubby’s new job. Since we owe more than the home is worth, we will attempt a short sale. Leslie Henderson, short sale expert, is our listing agent … Continue reading

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