Economic development in Nevada

Here’s an informative piece from the magazine, Nevada Business, discussing new business development throughout the state: Economic Development – The New Plan

If you were not aware, some major projects in the works include: a 462,000 square-foot facility for Urban Outfitters in Reno; a 130,000 square-foot facility for Now Foods in Sparks; and relocating to Las Vegas.

And in case you missed it in yesterday’s RGJ, did you know that Reno and Sparks are part of the Sierra Pacific megapolitan region? “What’s a ‘megapolitan region’?” you may ask. [I didn’t know either.] Read In megapolitan world, Reno hitches star to Bay Area to find out why this is a good thing for the Reno area (and to maybe add a new word to your vocabulary).


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6 Responses to Economic development in Nevada

  1. Avatar Carleton says:

    More and more this blog is turning into an outlet for the Chamber of Commerce and the Realtors Association. Now with the departure of Mike McG I suspect the end of this blog as anything other than a shill site is at hand. Too bad. It used to be a place of really good discussion about the real estate market in Reno.

  2. Avatar Bobby says:

    I like it

  3. Avatar lurker says:

    Alas, the blog has come full circle. What began as a likely outlet for Diane to maybe reach out to more potential customers, morphed into one of the most candid, bombastic, contrarian, and insightful real estate blogs around.

    With her departure, the torch was carried forward ably by Guy, with Mike’s help.

    Now, with Mike’s departure, we return perhaps back to the original purpose of the creation of the blog? I’ll still come by now and again. But I’ll also be bookmarking ReReno….

  4. Avatar Jay says:

    I’m going back to the RGJ……not!

  5. Avatar booch221 says:

    ” No more than 180 miles connect the anchors, and the area has similar terrain, climate, culture, economic base and sociopolitical orientations.”

    Does Reno really have a similar terrain, climate, culture, economic base and sociopolitical orientations as the Bay Area?

  6. Avatar Sully says:

    booch, you first have to put it in perspective. The difference between NorCal and SoCal is like night and day. Generally, northerners don’t last a year in the south and vice versa. Traffic in SoCal turns off northerners and ‘nothing to do’ turns off southerners in the Bay Area. Not necessarily factual, but this is the general complaint I hear from both sides knowing people that went both ways and moved back. Additionally, I would agree from my own experience.

    Las Vegas and LA are much more alike, therefore putting Reno and Bay Area together by default. Not really a good answer, but it is the reason I moved to Reno instead of Las Vegas.

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