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If you haven’t seen it yet, there’s a nicely done promotional video about Reno, Nevada getting a lot of airplay on the internet. Released a couple weeks ago the video already has over 11,000 views on YouTube.

Titled “Why I Love Reno”, this ten-minute video was professionally produced out-of-pocket by Tim Ruffin, a managing partner of the Colliers International office in Reno. See the story here: ‘Why I Love Reno’ draws attention from YouTube viewers

Check out the video below and then let us know, What do you like best about Reno?


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15 Responses to Why Reno

  1. Avatar emigre' says:

    Why I love Reno?
    10 minutes up the hill is Marilyn’s Pond in the summertime. Stocked every two weeks. Great trout fishin for the boys.

    20 minutes up the hill is Mt Rose skiing. Even when the weather is 60 degrees in January the green and blue runs are fine. Good times.

    40 mins away is Northstar for a bit more challenging skiing and free, yes free, iceskating with complimentary firepits for roasting marshmallows.

    It ain’t Vegas, but there’s all the nightlife I need. Big box retailers for all the shopping I need.

    People are generally friendly. Unlike Vegas and California.

    What’s not to like?

  2. Avatar emigre' says:

    Forgot to mention: cheap real estate, low taxes, nice weather (lots of sunshine), no traffic, easy access via the airport (and Southwest) to any city in the country.

    Great hiking, camping, fishing, boating possibilities abound.

    I could go on and on.

    The sour pusses on this blog need to take a step back and smell the roses…..or the coffee. Life is good in Reno. And, no, I ain’t no shill. Just a retired Navy guy who loves it here.

  3. Avatar Storey says:

    With all due respect, every town in America can produce one of these videos. Hell, give a talented guy a good videocam and he can make Detroit look good. All you have to do is cherrypick out the nice places and ignore the bad ones. Somebody could just as easily do a video of the Kings Inn, the bums urinating in the Fulton Alley, Denslow Drive and and the neighboorhoods off Oddie Blvd, old Spanish Springs, and nobody would ever want to come to Reno. Every place, and I mean every place, including Detroit, has nice places and bad places. Reno is no different or worse than anyplace else.
    The point is you find what you look for.

  4. Avatar Michael says:

    “Life is good in Reno”. No doubt it is for emigre’. Good for you.
    For others, it’s the place of 25% unemployment or underemployment, the highest bankruptcy rate in America, the highest foreclosure rate in America. When you have lost your job, your house, and are barely making it, it’s really pretty irrelevent how long it takes to get to the airport or how far away a day of skiing is.
    Reno is absolutely wonderful for some folks. Absolutely awful for others. Pretty much like every other place in America.

  5. Avatar W-2 says:

    There are 500 cities in the USA that if you go to the website of the Chamber of Commerce or the local Development Authority you will find a video just like this one. These things are literally a dime a dozen across the country.

  6. Avatar Walter says:

    Last October, the RGJ ran a story asking whether Reno was on track to becoming the Detroit of the West. I guess the local hometown newspaper wasn’t aware of this video?

  7. Avatar Steve Herschbach says:

    I sure like Reno. If people do not, just go somewhere else and quit bitching. It not is like you have a gun to your head making you live there. And if you live somewhere else and like casting stones, go F yourself.

  8. Avatar Carlin says:

    These things are pretty generic actually. They always go something like:

    “_________(fill in the blank) is one of America’s great places to live. From the ________(fill in the blank) lake, to the ________(fill in the blank) beach, to the ________(fill in the blank) river, _________(fill in the blank) has some of America’s greatest water activities. Is hunting or fishing your thing? Well, _______(fill in the blank) has the ________(fill in the blank) Mountains and the _______(fill in the blank) forest, and the _________(fill in the blank) ranges providing some of the best hunting and fishing in America. Or are you more interested in arts and culture? Well, ________(fill in the blank) has the ________(fill in the blank) symphony, the _______(fill in the blank) ballet, and the the ________(fill in the blank) performing theater. Or is sports your thing? Well, ________(fill in the blank)
    has the _______________(fill in the blank) football team, the ________(fill in the blank) basketball team, and the ___________(fill in the blank) baseball team. _________(fill in the blank) is home to the _____________(fill in the blank) university, one of the nation’s leading institutions of higher learning. The world class ________(fill in the blank) airport is centrally located and within an easy drive from anywhere in _____________(fill in the blank). And, _________(fill in the blank) has some of the greatest weather anywhere, with ________(fill in the blank) days of sunshine every year.
    Yes indeed ____________(fill in the blank) is a truly unique place with a rare combination of urban chic and rural charm. There are truly very few places like _________________(fill in the blank) in all of America!

  9. Avatar Steve Watts says:

    I’m from Reno and have lived in 9 other places in the past 40 years, came back here in 2001. I loved NYC, Boston, Seattle and Las Vegas…all of them. You can “love” any city you live in, if you have the right attitude. People are friendly in every city, IF you have the right attitude…it all starts there…people respond that way to friendly people everywhere. I feel we have so many discontents who hated California that they are seeing Reno with rose-colored glasses. But that’s fine…there’s nothing wrong with that…

  10. Avatar Storey says:

    “You can love any city you live in if you have the right attitude.” Exactly right, Steve Watts. And you can hate any city you live in if you have the right attitude. It’s not the city, it’s the attitude you bring to your life. That’s what I meant when I said you find what you look for.

  11. Avatar lurker says:

    Herschbach, you made me laugh. Absolutely nailed it. Here, here.

  12. Avatar Ross says:

    Why is there a picture of Truckee, California, on the “Why I love Reno” link?

    Just wondering.

  13. Avatar dirtbagger says:

    Thank you Ross – stared at the picture and kept trying to figure out the Reno location.

  14. Avatar Goodnight_CommRow says:

    “Why is there a picture of Truckee, California, on the “Why I love Reno” link?”

    Because Reno is Truckee, don’t you know? Just like Reno is the extended Bay Area, and a retirement mecca, and, well, nevermind..

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